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Welcome to the Quality Breeders Association Inc.

Our non-profit mission is to provide legislation, education, information and resources for all quality breeders in the United States. To provide a single place for breeders of ALL breeds to unite, helping each other and working towards the goal of being approved as a Master Breeder within the association.

We offer three levels of paid yearly membership along with four levels of membership within those levels starting with Novice Breeder and working up to Master Breeder by way of attaining points for adhering to different standards which set you apart as being a "Quality Breeder".

We welcome all breeders whether you breed one litter every two years, or more frequently, as long as you can provide Quality, well cared for, socially acclimated, healthy, happy puppies.

There are three separate areas of this website for our members depending on location - when you join us you are a member of the Quality Breeders Association but will be listed in the section relevant to your state.

Join Now
If you are a breeder you may join by using the link above or by clicking here. As a breeder you can work your way through our Breeder Standards Program by submitting proof of your adherence to our Quality Standards. Each Standard will earn you a number of points allowing you to work your way through from a Member Breeder (starting at 400 points) all the way up to Master Breeder (1,000+ points). Click on the following links for a copy of our Standards and our Points Allocation Form.

Quality Breeders
Click on the link above to see our members who have acheived levels within our Breeder Standards Program.

Quality Breeders Association is proud to accept donations from members of the public and our members to help dogs in times of need. We appreciate all donations no matter how small - every little helps - Thank you!

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